Optimisation and efficiency test
The goal here was to create an extremely optimised scene as quickly as possible. It took me two evenings of free time.

Final scene overview:
-2000 triangles
-1X 512x1024 texture for the tiles, the bath and the props
-1X 256x256 texture for the plaster

-No transparency was used for the curtain in Unreal since the engine does not support lit translucency.
-The pixel ratio of the textures is 256x256 for 1 meter.
-Speculars and normal are polished for in-game render.

Here are the key references I used as inspiration.

Screenshots of the scene in the Unreal 3 engine
The first screenshot of each row is with post-process effects applied, the second one is without and the last one is only the color map.

Shaders in Unreal
They show what operations I did to get the cubemap on the tiles and bath texture and using the Cosine map to mask it.

The texture maps

And finally, here is a Max scene render with the wireframe:

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